A tour to the Calanques de Cassis

After an intense school week at Idiom, take a little break by exploring the French Riviera…

The Calanques of Cassis, for example, are a good destination to relax…Only two hours by car from Nice you arrive in Cassis: The small fisher village invites you to go for a stroll atCassis-1 the port and through the small alleys where you will find lot’s of restaurants…some of them are known for there delicious dishes…try the fish soup, amazing!

You can explore the Calanques by boat or by foot. Good shoes and some physical fitness are needed to do the hike – do not forget your water bottle! and of course, your swimsuit :)

From Cassis, it takes you almost 1 hour of walking to reach the first Calanque (Port Miou), the second  (Port Pin) after 2 hours. To do Cassis – Marseille by hiking you have to calculate 8 hours…probably it is easier to take one of the boats :)

Our students who do not want to rent neither drive a car, can join this excursion operated by our partner Jean-Sébastien from French&More  with whom you visit Cassis and the Calanques (by foot).

Enjoy and tell us about you trip to the Calanques :)