Nice by night!

Enjoy Nice by night while your language stay at IDIOM!

Diner in a family

IDIOM organises for it’s students who life in a holiday flat or at the hotel diner at one of the host families. Enjoy a convivial evening and the specialties of the French kitchen!

(Participation 20€)

The evening in Nice

Try out some of the typical restaurants in Nice and enjoy the niçoise kitchen. Here some of ours suggestions:

Restaurant Oliviera: If Olive oil is your favorite, well.. than take a seat at Oliviera. Every single dish is flavoured with some extra Olive oil. Do not miss the Tiramisu with some fruity tasting drops of Olive oil, amazing!

Bistrot d’Antoine: This tiny little bistrot offers some typical dishes from Nice and the region. Do not forget to reserve a table in advance (it is really very small)

Chez Pippo: Try the best Socca (dough cake made out of chick-pea flower and olive oil) and Pissaladière in town!

After study drink or partying?

Take a break in between your studies and go for a drink with your classmates or dancing. Let us know how you like the following suggestions!

Les destilleries idéales: Great place to go for a After-study drink with your friends. Do not miss the happy hour between 6pm and 8pm!

Le smarties: Ready for partying? Check this location!

Bliss: This bar is a mix between a “after-work-bar” and a night club,  it all depands on the time you stay at the Bliss.

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