Charles Curtis, Software Engineer (USA)

In the past two years, I have traveled twice to Nice to study at IDIOM and I am currently making plans to return for a third time. I have found the caliber of instruction to be very high and the entire staff extremely helpful in responding to issues or questions on any topic, whether related to the day-to-day school activities or not (e.g. trains, buses, restaurants, shopping, the old city, etc.). The focus on the different aspects of the language – vocabulary, grammar and conversation, has definitely helped me to improve my abilities to communicate in French. My experiences at IDIOM have also provided a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world and I am looking forward to my next visit.

Charles Curtis
Software Engineer

Marja-Liisa Kiljunen, Ambassador (FINLAND)

I enjoyed very much the two week course of French language at IDIOM in Nice in September 2005. The reception at the school was very pleasant and I felt immediately at home. The only thing I regretted was that I didn’t do my homework in advance and repeat a bit the grammar. But the professional staff of the school managed to place me on the right level of the course.

The atmosphere at the school was pleasant and relaxed but at the same time everything was punctual and pertinent. The teachers are highly motivated and professional and they really make one feel very special with one’s individual needs as well as challenges in learning the language. The teachers are interesting personalities and it was great fun to discuss with them different issues during the conversation classes. The same goes with the students – they were also very motivated and serious in their studies.

What really pleased me and made me choose IDIOM was the flexibility as to the timing and choice of course types. Due to my busy schedule and often last minute changes in my travel programme I really appreciated the flexibility.

I also enjoyed staying at a French family which I hadn’t done before. The very pleasant and keen hostess – and an excellent cook – made my stay in Nice even more enjoyable and the long suppers full of talk and laughter added up to my knowledge of French language, culture and way of life. I wish I can come back to IDIOM soon and continue my studies of French!

Marja-Liisa Kiljunen

Ron Broadaway, International airline pilot, (USA)

As an international airline pilot, speaking languages comes in handy. Having been referred to IDIOM through some friends, I arrived with little more than some high school French, many years ago. The staff was extremely friendly and professional. Their teaching methods were tailored to the needs of the students in each of the multiple class levels. In the process, I learned so much more than vocabulary and grammar. History and culture were included as a natural part of the classroom work. The learning experience was very broad and arranged in a practical way so that, when you leave the classroom, you can function in the real world. The other students come from all over the world and are eager to make new friends. This added dimension was totally unexpected and a real bonus. I now make announcements on the aircraft in French and receive compliments from some of the passengers.
This is a credit to the instruction at IDIOM.

Ron Broadaway
International airline pilot
Delta Air Lines